How to Safely Remove Gelixir Soak off?

With social distancing at its apex, having a perfect mani isn’t the most pressing thing in your “to do” list. However, with salons and spas closed till further notice for opening, you would probably come to a stage at which your gel nails require the maintenance that only a pro can provide. With such a sorry state of affairs and unpredictable circumstances, the need of the hour is to take things into your own hands. So why not remove your gel nail polish all by yourself? Well, is it a safe thing to practice?

Obviously, yes! You can remove your soak off gel nail polish safely at home. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps to ensure that you won’t end up damaging your nails in the removal process. The best bet is to take all of the gel polish off. With some handy tools and a little mastery, you can nail it down beautifully, that too in a snap.

How to Safely Remove Gelixir Soak off

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Read the following guide to learn how you can remove gelixir soak-off gel nail polish at home:

The essentials of a gel manicure removal tool kit

Spare some time

To avoid breathing in any kind of acetone, you need a proper place and proper time. Give yourself plenty of time for the removal process, and most essential, do it in a well-ventilated place. It truly cannot be done quickly – it will take around 30 minutes.

Protect your skin

Since you are soaking your nails in acetone, protecting the skin around the nail is vital before you start. To ensure protection, you can use cuticle oil or cream, or even Vaseline.

Buff your nails

According to nail experts, buffing off the top layer of your gel nail polish is a crucial step. The objective here is to open the top layer of gel to aid acetone penetration. Go carefully and stop when the brightness has been eliminated.

Soak cotton balls in acetone

You must take your fingertips in acetone to remove gel polish. This can be done in a tiny bowl filled with acetone and one or two drops in cuticle oil, and a soaked cotton ball can be used on each nail.

For your information, your standard nail polish remover isn’t 100% pure acetone, rather it’s a diluted version. You can remove gel nail polish with regular polish remover but the soaking process would be relatively longer.

Conversely, 100% pure acetone will quickly and effectively get the said job done.

Use aluminum foil to wrap fingertips

Take a roll of tin foil directly from the kitchen to hold the cotton or cotton ball in place. Place your pinkie nail with an acetone wet cotton ball and use it to secure the cotton balls.

Repeat this on 10 nails. After 10-15 minutes, check the progress by removing one foil wrap from your pinkie finger.

Skip the foil method, and directly soak your gel nails

But if you don’t have any cotton or foil balls at your disposal, don’t worry.  We have another handy and DIY-sort of the method.

Take two bowls, one somewhat larger than the other in the kitchen. Place the smaller bowl with a double boiler inside the larger basin and add some acetone to it.

Put your hand inside the acetone and allow the gel to soak up gradually, allowing heating for a minute or two. Never use heating acetone directly in a microwave or on a stove since it is highly flammable.

Remove the gel nail polish

If you’ve utilized the soaking method, wait until the corners begin to loosen, then use an orangewood stick to carefully loosen the gel on each nail until it is entirely gone while your nails are still steeping in the acetone.

More soaking is required if gelixir polish does not lift easily when you press your tool into it. Replace the cotton ball on the nail and try again in five minutes.

If the gel polish is resisting, soak it for another five minutes before trying again – patience is crucial here. Soak the nails until the gel looks to be bubbling.

A good rule of thumb is to wait until the polish has fully softened before scraping it off.

Moisturize your nails

Last but not the least, hydration is vital. Apply cuticle oil after soaking your nails in coconut oil for five to seven minutes.

Wash your hands after a few minutes and apply a generous amount of hand cream to restore moisture. Do this for a few evenings, then feel free to re-polish.

Although acetone eliminates oils from the nail, it does not harm the nail bed. Also, if you need to reapply gel the same day, allow your nails to breathe for a few hours first.


By following this pattern, you can hit (oops! Remove) the nail on the head.

Happy gelixir gel polish wholesale!