The Benefits Between LDS Dipping Powder and OPI Nail Polish

Dipping powder is a new nail care system. This system is beneficial to nail salons to enable them provide their customers with fantastic Manicure and pedicure. This dipping system is done by putting your hands into a pigmented powder to bring out the natural nail color. Dipping powder is another option for you if you don’t want a liquid streak nail polish.

Lavis dipping system (LDS)

There are many dipping powders that you can choose. However, let’s consider LDS dipping powder.  Lavis dipping system (LDS) is a type of dipping powder that contributes significantly to nails beautiful and amazing appearance. LDS dipping powder consists of Titanium Oxides Peroxides and acrylic substances that make nails to be reliable. This dipping powder brand grants healthy and rigid nails.

When you use this dip powder, it provides the desired beautiful and flawless manicure finish. LDS dip powder color has significant characteristics that differentiate it from other dipping powders. However, the nails became light and easy to be carried due to the thin formula that used to produce this nail care product.

Thus, dipping powder has an extended life span that makes the powder to be on the nails for thirty-one day without fading or chipping. It is also formulated with a free chemical scent and has no toxins. This nail care brand is proper for expert Manicurist and home users. (more…)

Essentials Tips for Skin and Hair During Summer

The scorching heat causes many skin and hair related issues. Body sweat often results in skin irritation, rashes, and acne pimples. Usually, during summers, people go out for their vacation and get sun-exposed. This causes harmful UV rays to enter your skin pores and damage the cells. The markets mostly promote beauty creams and hair cleansers for this. Natural home-based remedies work as wonders without causing any side effects. Here we will discuss a few simple tips, which you may follow for summer care.

hypoallergenic tanning lotions

Keep Cooling Off

Always carry a mild mist for your face depending on the skin type. It helps to keep your body cool as well. Of course, you may use cucumber for this purpose. You may add a few drops of lemon and mint juice to create a chilled solution. Use a spray bottle and use it every time your skin gets dry.  You may also use serums, which has antioxidant benefits. For this purpose, you can use green tea and honey. Green tea works miraculously on acne issues also.

SPF and Tanning Lotions

For preventing your skin, use a sunscreen, which has SPF range 10-20. Again, there are hypoallergenic tanning lotions for retaining the tanning of the body. If you do not want your tanned skin to fade away due to excess sweats, then it is the best option for you.

Comfort Your Eyes

Dark circles or under-eye redness are a few things you may notice during summer. Eyes are susceptible parts of the body. The best method is the application of the cucumber slices under the eyes. Wearing sunglasses during outdoor activities is necessary for everyone. (more…)

Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

Are you bored with the regular nail polish on your nails? Worried about your nails getting dry or chipping because of your constant visit to the salon to have your nails done? If you are thinking of an alternative nail coating that won’t damage your fingernails, there are a few options that you may consider. These nail coatings may just be the nail saver that you have been looking for all the while. The brand is called Kiara Sky and the nail supplies that they offer include an exciting nail coating system that gives a perfect finish that won’t damage the nails. The Kiara Sky Dip Powder is a healthy nail coat system that will keep your nails pretty and healthy for weeks without breaking, chipping, or lifting.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

For the nail savvy or DIY fanatic, dipping powder may not be a new concept. It has been around for almost three decades now, and many have enjoyed the beauty and the strength that this nail coating system has been providing to nails covered by one of its many hues.

One of the many brands that offer the dip powder system is Kiara Sky. The brand offers this nail coating system along with other nail coatings (nail lacquers and gel polish). For those who simply want nails that look gorgeous and feel like gel, but does not have more time for curing (gel polish usually needs to be cured under a UV lamp), the powder dipping system is a great option.

One great advantage of having to dip your nails in a powder coating is that powder does not stick like a regular polish. Less contact on your skin means safer application as well. Plus the fact that most dipping powder systems are formulated with ingredients that support nail growth, you will just be dipping your nails into the powder dip that is actually healthy for your nails. That means essential vitamins get to cling to your nails to help them grow stronger and healthier. No toxic chemicals, just healthy polish on your fingernails. Who wouldn’t want to try one shade or two any time soon? (more…)

Dipping Powder vs. Gel

Your nails endure a lot throughout the day. For a woman who loves to keep her nails properly trimmed and nicely painted, it will be a relief to know that even with the busiest of days, your nails can be at their best. All you need is the best nail polish that will help protect your nails and keep them gorgeous for even up to three weeks. Read on to know the difference of dipping powder vs. gel.

nail polish

A Different Kind of Polish for a Different Kind of Nails

There are various kinds of nail coatings that have been made available for decades now, making it easier for the women of today more than just decorate their nails, more so, create a fashion statement. From light to medium to bold. There are no restrictions when it comes to the shade of nail paint that one may use. As long as it pleases the wearer, anything goes.

For the fashion forward, it is more than just one’s desire to paint the nails with exciting colors, other factors, such as the final feel and look of the polish on the nails as well as the durability of the nail coating that matter. They understand that a thing of beauty like their gorgeous-looking nails should be kept, just as the day they were done, without chipping, breaking, or lifting.

For these reasons, various nail brands continuously have work to formulate superb nail coatings that will provide just as they want them to. Two of the types of available nail coatings provide such feature– the dipping powder and the gel polish.

Which should you use then? Which lasts longer?

Dipping Powder vs. Gel Polish

With the dipping powder system, typically is SNS nails, as the name suggests, you will have a powdered pigment where you would have to dip your nails in after applying either a base coat or a sealant. To finish off the application, you will need an applicator before air drying. The last process will seal in everything that had been coated on your nails. The whole process will leave a durable, high-gloss finish, that you can wear for to three weeks without breaking or lifting. That’s longer time for you to enjoy chip-free nails. (more…)