Dipping Powder vs. Gel

Your nails endure a lot throughout the day. For a woman who loves to keep her nails properly trimmed and nicely painted, it will be a relief to know that even with the busiest of days, your nails can be at their best. All you need is the best nail polish that will help protect your nails and keep them gorgeous for even up to three weeks. Read on to know the difference of dipping powder vs. gel.

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A Different Kind of Polish for a Different Kind of Nails

There are various kinds of nail coatings that have been made available for decades now, making it easier for the women of today more than just decorate their nails, more so, create a fashion statement. From light to medium to bold. There are no restrictions when it comes to the shade of nail paint that one may use. As long as it pleases the wearer, anything goes.

For the fashion forward, it is more than just one’s desire to paint the nails with exciting colors, other factors, such as the final feel and look of the polish on the nails as well as the durability of the nail coating that matter. They understand that a thing of beauty like their gorgeous-looking nails should be kept, just as the day they were done, without chipping, breaking, or lifting.

For these reasons, various nail brands continuously have work to formulate superb nail coatings that will provide just as they want them to. Two of the types of available nail coatings provide such feature– the dipping powder and the gel polish.

Which should you use then? Which lasts longer?

Dipping Powder vs. Gel Polish

With the dipping powder system, typically is SNS nails, as the name suggests, you will have a powdered pigment where you would have to dip your nails in after applying either a base coat or a sealant. To finish off the application, you will need an applicator before air drying. The last process will seal in everything that had been coated on your nails. The whole process will leave a durable, high-gloss finish, that you can wear for to three weeks without breaking or lifting. That’s longer time for you to enjoy chip-free nails. (more…)