The Benefits Between LDS Dipping Powder and OPI Nail Polish

Dipping powder is a new nail care system. This system is beneficial to nail salons to enable them provide their customers with fantastic Manicure and pedicure. This dipping system is done by putting your hands into a pigmented powder to bring out the natural nail color. Dipping powder is another option for you if you don’t want a liquid streak nail polish.

Lavis dipping system (LDS)

There are many dipping powders that you can choose. However, let’s consider LDS dipping powder.  Lavis dipping system (LDS) is a type of dipping powder that contributes significantly to nails beautiful and amazing appearance. LDS dipping powder consists of Titanium Oxides Peroxides and acrylic substances that make nails to be reliable. This dipping powder brand grants healthy and rigid nails.

When you use this dip powder, it provides the desired beautiful and flawless manicure finish. LDS dip powder color has significant characteristics that differentiate it from other dipping powders. However, the nails became light and easy to be carried due to the thin formula that used to produce this nail care product.

Thus, dipping powder has an extended life span that makes the powder to be on the nails for thirty-one day without fading or chipping. It is also formulated with a free chemical scent and has no toxins. This nail care brand is proper for expert Manicurist and home users. (more…)